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In your daily work you are constantly confronted with new challenges. We from the infrastructure team at Man and Machine are specialized in the areas of GIS and infrastructure. We can advise you on all aspects of technical shells, processing of geodata and publication of the data.

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Solutions instead of products:

MaM offers more than "just" software

The introduction, integration and expansion of GIS systems as well as support in system decisions are part of our daily tasks. We help you to set up and operate your spatial data infrastructure and to develop IT concepts (e.g. process and system analysis, supplementing IT concepts with GIS components) so that you can work more successfully, more cost-effectively and faster.

From civil engineering to building construction, from network documentation to 3D city models:

Our services include:

  • Consulting for BIM, GIS, Industry
  • Project management (agile & hybrid)
  • Seminars and certifications
  • Configuration and training
  • Data Management / ETL / Migration
  • Integration of existing IT systems
  • Individual software development
  • Technical Support & Hotline


Individual trainings

Work with us to develop an individual seminar solution – course design, procedure and organizational matters. You determine the seminar location: Let the trainer come to you, or use modern equipped seminar rooms in one of our branches.


You have questions about the installation or functions in MapEdit? Then use the know-how of our professionals for fast and competent help.

If you are already in contact with our support team, you can use these tools to establish a connection:

Knowledge Base

The MapEdit Knowledge Base is a knowledge base around the topic MapEdit. Here you can find out everything worth knowing that will help you in your daily work with our products. The topics are structured by product and have a search function so that you can quickly find the information you need.

Managed Solution

GIS/CAD workstations from the cloud

In times when virtual desktops and virtual applications are becoming more and more standard in companies, IT organizations are facing new challenges. GIS/CAD workstations can often not be integrated into these modern IT concepts or only at great expense.

Our offer: Virtual CAD workstations with MaM Managed Solutions

MaM Managed Solutions is an innovative service that provides virtual GIS/CAD workstations via a powerful and highly available cloud platform. The workstations thus provided, including the required data, can be used online at any location without the company having to invest in its own IT infrastructure.


In the download area you have access to our software packages, product descriptions and manuals. Here you can independently purchase the products you have purchased. For the installation and operation of the products you will also find the corresponding instructions here.