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MapEdit Product Family



MapEdit Professional is the link between CAD and database. You can visualize and edit your geodata from the database (e.g. Oracle, Postgres) in CAD. Various GIS recording functions are available. Use MapEdit Professional as a plug-in for third-party CAD systems or as a complete solution.

Most important functions:

  • Connexion to CAD for complex cunstructions
  • GIS Recording and Editing Functionality
  • Network logic
  • Schema plan/internal objects
  • Object snap/Dimensioning/Labels

Flexible CAD Connexion



MapEdit Desktop is a Windows desktop app that is used for information and analysis of geodata. The app can be used in online and offline mode. You can visualize geodata and edit factual and geometric data as required.

Information and analysis:

  • Windows Desktop App
  • Online & Offline
  • Data view & modification
  • Map view
  • Search & Measure
  • Redlining
  • Efficient plot function
  • and much more…

MapEdit 3D-Viewer:

  • Cesium-Technology
  • Connect 2D and 3D
  • Data Base access
  • Basic layer (e.g.. OSM, Aerial photos)
  • Layer for specialist topics
  • Measurement function



Web GIS “to go” – MapEdit Mobile is designed specifically for use on tablets and smartphones This allows convenient access to current data on the road and saves the trip to the office. Especially in the event of an incident, it is important that technicians on site have quick access to up-to-date data.

Mobile Information:

  • Smartphone & Tablets
  • Online Browser Application
  • Data view & modification
  • Map view
  • Search & Measure
  • GPS Positioning
  • and much more…



A full Responsive Web GIS solution designed for “non-GIS users”. The intuitive user interface enables every user to find his way around quickly. MapEdit Portal is intended to serve as an information system and is used as a community or citizen GIS. This app runs on all common mobile devices.

MapEdit Portal at a glance:

  • Mobile First! – Full Responsive
  • „Design Thinking“
  • Designed for “non” GIS users
  • Uncomplicated functionality
  • Easy configuration with the AppBuilder
  • „On-Premise“ or Cloud



The central tool for configuring all MapEdit products – you define forms, database and map connections, create display models and maintain user and role administration. Changes are only made in one place and can then be used with all MapEdit tools on all platforms.

Most important functions:

  • Creating applications
  • Central Configuration of all MapEdit-Products
  • Create and edit Data Base Modells
  • Form-Designer​
  • Displey Modell Management



MapEdit Basic is an uncomplicated 2D/3D drawing program without the usual MapEdit Server and database connection – the stand-alone CAD software from the MapEdit product family. With its fully integrated CAD system, it offers a cost-effective introduction to the design, construction and presentation of plans and maps.

MapEdit Basic at a glance:

  • self-sufficient CAD program
  • fast and efficient
  • no MapEdit Server and database connection necessary

Specialized Applications

Successful solutions - satisfied customers


BIM in the future

The financing and public support for civil engineering projects is crucial for success. BIM for infrastructure construction can help turn information into insight to optimize designs and accelerate approval processes.

Measurement engineering

Modern measurement techniques such as laser scanning support BIM planning by providing an exact basis for terrain models.

BIM to Field

Modern technologies, such as BIM 360, bring both BIM models to the construction site and information back to the planning department.

Data management

Plans, documents and information can be distributed process-controlled via a central platform, so that all parties involved in the project always have access to the latest information.

Model and construction site

The comparison between planning and construction site can be simplified and automated with BIM technologies.

We offer training, workflow solutions and consulting for BIM in the infrastructure construction environment.

Digital Factory

Consistent factory and process planning, maintenance and asset management

Ever shorter project durations, competition from the Far East and increasing cost pressure have consequences: Either you make even more mistakes, overrun deadlines and fail due to lack of transparency and unavailable knowledge. Or you can try the “Digital Factory”.


A common database contains the geometry and meta-data of buildings, media, machines, plants and equipment. In this way, data can be networked and processes optimized. Integration with ERP and other existing systems becomes possible; the data is available anywhere at any time.


The database enables continuous factory and process planning, maintenance and plant management. MaM offers flexible software systems that can be combined to create the optimal solution, as well as advice and support from the decision to the daily use.