The MapEdit product family offers a suitable module for all tasks and requirements. Below you will find an overview of the MapEdit modules.



MapEdit Professional is the link between CAD and database. You can visualize and edit your geodata from the database (e.g. Oracle, Postgres) in CAD. Various GIS recording functions are available. Use MapEdit Professional as a plug-in for third-party CAD systems or as a complete solution.

MapEdit Professional

Flexible CAD Connexion

Connexion to CAD for complex cunstructions

Planning function

Powerful CAD planning function, also for different variants

Other functions:

  • GIS Recording and Editing Functionality
  • Network logic
  • Schematic plan / internal objects
  • Object Capture / Dimensioning / Labels
  • Spatial queries
  • DWG, DXF, DGN, SHP Im- und Export



MapEdit Desktop is a Windows desktop app that is used for information and analysis of geodata. The app can be used in online and offline mode. You can visualize geodata and edit factual and geometric data as required.

MapEdit Desktop

MapEdit 3D-Viewer

The combination of 2D and 3D

Efficient plot function

Easy creation of maps, also for serial printing

Other functions:

  • Data view & modification
  • Search & Measure
  • Network tracking
  • Oblique image viewer
  • Redlining
  • Flexible data export
  • thematic analyses



Web GIS “to go” – MapEdit Mobile is designed specifically for use on tablets and smartphones This allows convenient access to current data on the road and saves the trip to the office. Especially in the event of an incident, it is important that technicians on site have quick access to up-to-date data.

MapEdit Mobile auf Tablet und Smartphone

extensive filter function

Find relevant information quickly


Without detours to the place of operation

Other functions:

  • Native app for iOS and Android or as a browser application
  • Data view & modification
  • Data acquisition incl. Photos
  • 2-Factor-Authentication
  • Search & Measure
  • GPS Positioning



A full Responsive Web GIS solution designed for “non-GIS users”. The intuitive user interface enables every user to find his way around quickly. MapEdit Portal is intended to serve as an information system and is used as a community or citizen GIS. This app runs on all common mobile devices.

MapEdit Portal Tablet und Smartphone

Versatile visualisation options

Suitable presentation options for every content

Direct links

Use links and information directly from the portal

Other functions:

  • Mobile First! – Full Responsive
  • „Design Thinking“
  • Designed for “non” GIS users
  • Uncomplicated functionality
  • Easy configuration with the AppBuilder



The central tool for configuring all MapEdit products – you define forms, database and map connections, create display models and maintain user and role administration. Changes are only made in one place and can then be used with all MapEdit tools on all platforms.

MapEdit Appbuilder

individual projects

Creation of new projects for all modules

detailed rights administration

Creation and control of user groups and their rights

Other functions:

  • Create applications
  • Central configuration of all MapEdit products
  • Change/create database models
  • Form Designer
  • Presentation and rights administration


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