Mensch und Maschine is one of the leading providers of Computer Aided Design/Manufacturing and Engineering (CAD/CAM/CAE) and the largest Autodesk system house in Europe. All group subsidiaries and branches are well networked. This gives you access to a comprehensive pool of know-how and gives you fast and reliable answers to your CAD questions. The company, founded in 1984, has its headquarters in Wessling near Munich.

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contact persons

Frank Markus, Geschäftsführer Mensch und Maschine Infrastruktur GmbH

Frank Markus

Managing Director – International Sales (Switzerland, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy)

Peter Ganser, Geschäftsführer Mensch und Maschine Infrastruktur GmbH

Peter Ganser

Managing Director – Sales Germany

Thomas Hiller, Geschäftsführer Mensch und Maschine Infrastruktur GmbH

Thomas Hiller

Managing Director – Technic and Product Development

Rupert Laukemper, Vertrieb Mensch und Maschine acadGraph

Rupert Laukemper

Sales Germany MuM acadGraph

Thorsten Schulten

Thorsten Schulten

Technical Sales Germany

Hilmar Giese

Hilmar Giese

technical Sales Germany

News 12.01.2021

Man and Machine Infrastructure agrees strategic cooperation with KenGees to expand the French-speaking market.

For further information please contact:
KenGees, Philippe Froidevaux,