Our motto is: More solution instead of product.

Every industry has its own requirements and expectations. However, it is generally agreed that the linking of large amounts of data with a spatial reference forms the basis for successful digitisation. It is important to know not only the “who”, “what” and “how”, but also the “where”.

With customised solutions, we offer a practical solution for (almost) every application.

For cities and municipalities

Stadt im Luftbild

In view of the constant growth of tasks, increasingly complex decision-making processes and larger amounts of data, it is of great importance to use clever solutions that facilitate everyday work. At the same time, it is important in the municipal environment to create as much transparency as possible for citizens.

Our solutions enable cities and municipalities to capture, manage and effectively use important information. Furthermore, we attach great importance to improving communication within the administrations as well as with the citizens. Our technologies enable geospatial data to be presented in an accessible and understandable way to increase transparency.

For Municipal utilities

We know that energy industry issues are becoming increasingly complex. Therefore, we use our recording and information system to spatially record, analyse and vividly present these topics.

Our solutions cover all trades, be it gas, water, electricity, telecommunications and much more We offer matching compartment trays provided with the appropriate specifications. This allows you to manage your different areas of activity efficiently and have all the information you need in one central place.

We offer a comprehensive platform where you can capture, analyse and visualise your data. The spatial representation of the information gives them a holistic view of the infrastructure and enables them to make better informed decisions.

offene Leitung Ver- und Entsorgung

For industrial companies


The presentation of spatial data is also becoming increasingly important in industry. Companies recognise the value of digitally mapping their factory sites to more effectively manage and administer space, buildings and construction sites.

Spatial representation and analysis of data gives decision-makers a comprehensive view of their factory site. This enables them to make informed decisions and better understand potential impacts of different scenarios. Data visualisation in the form of maps and diagrams facilitates the interpretation and communication of complex information. This leads to improved planning accuracy and increased efficiency in operational processes.


Municipal customers, supply and disposal companies as well as industrial companies, operators of large properties such as ports and airports successfully implement new business processes with the help of MuM. This creates holistic models and data pools of all the clients’ assets.

Data from different systems are merged, worlds are connected.

This kind of “BIM for infrastructure” makes MuM clients more successful.

MuM Männchen

Our solution for the cloud: MuM Managed Solution

GIS/CAD workstations from the cloud

In times when virtual desktops and virtual applications are becoming more and more standard in companies, IT organisations are facing new challenges. GIS/CAD workstations can often not be integrated into these modern IT concepts or only at great expense.

The MuM ManagedSolution is an innovative service that provides virtual MapEdit GIS/CAD workstations via a powerful and highly available cloud platform. The workstations thus provided, including the required data, can be used online at any location without the company having to invest in its own IT infrastructure.

MuM ManagedSolution

Digital twin

Consistent factory and process planning, maintenance and asset management

Ever shorter project durations, competition from the Far East and increasing cost pressure have consequences: Either you make even more mistakes, overrun deadlines and fail due to lack of transparency and unavailable knowledge. Or one dares to take the step towards the “digital twin”.


A common database contains the geometry and meta-data of buildings, media, machines, plants and equipment. In this way, data can be networked and processes optimized. Integration with ERP and other existing systems becomes possible; the data is available anywhere at any time.


The database enables continuous factory and process planning, maintenance and plant management. MaM offers flexible software systems that can be combined to create the optimal solution, as well as advice and support from the decision to the daily use.


Fit for the future

The financing and public support for civil engineering projects is crucial for success. BIM for infrastructure construction can help turn information into insight to optimize designs and accelerate approval processes.

Measurement engineering

Modern measurement techniques such as laser scanning support BIM planning by providing an exact basis for terrain models.

Data management

Plans, documents and information can be distributed process-controlled via a central platform, so that all parties involved in the project always have access to the latest information.


Modern technologies, such as BIM 360, bring both BIM models to the construction site and information back to the planning department.

Model and construction site

The comparison between planning and construction site can be simplified and automated with BIM technologies.


Discover the full potential

The realisation that something has to change is the beginning, but where do you start? Does that sound familiar?

Then our Discovery Workshop is just right for you.


Together with you, we find out where potential is hidden in your company. We work these out together with you and, if possible, we quantify them. The whole thing transparently and individually within a workshop lasting one or several days.

In addition to valuable insights, you will receive a report prepared by us with a practicable approach for further action so that you can work more successfully, cost-effectively and efficiently in the future.